The official KSW Federation store

KSW SHOP offers unique sports clothing, training equipment, and unique Fan accessories. Our products are made 90% in Poland, following the FAIR TRADE principle. Our products are created thinking of all of you: the small and big, young and older, those who train and those in front of the TV. Our clothes are for everyone: Your mom, dad, brother, grandpa :D. From time to time we release matching couple sets.

How is KSW streetwear created

We’re characterized by high quality, attention to detail, and monitoring the products at every step - from designing until packing and delivery. Usually we use wool, viscose, and elastase, putting extra focus on standards. Thanks to this, no matter if it’s a white graphic T-shirt or a black hoodie - you can still wash it and dry it according to the guidelines on the tag. Nothing will shrink, the colors remain vivid and even after years of fusing, the clothing still remains its original form.our designers test every detail so that after embroidering and printing, it would ideally present on clothing, not spreading and not destroying in the a washing machine.

KSWSHOP product definitely will allow you to stand out in the crowd.they will also highlight your membership in the elite ksw fans, group and values that MMA comes with.

Welcome to KSWSHOP.